Welcome to our home, dust yourself off and come right in.  What is John Brown Farms?  Well, it was an idea I had many years ago and it has taken a lot of steps to get where we are at today and it seems like there are an infinite more to get where we want to go.  The venture started off when I purchased our 120 acres that is now our home while I was still living in Charleston, SC.

The land was bare and didn't have fencing on 3/4 of a mile of the property boundary, so my first task was to get the land fenced in.  I worked through the winter, spring and summer to get the fence done.  The weather didn't cooperate with me very well, it was either too dry to weld the corner posts, too wet to drive out there, etc... and with me only being there every other weekend, it took a while.

The end of summer in 2009 I changed jobs and started working in Tulsa.  During that time, I was reconnected with the love of my life from 8 years before.

Things moved fast and it was basically like we'd never been apart, we worked on getting a livable residence out on the land.  We scrimped, saved and lived in the RV for a short bit until we were able to get our house moved out to the land.  We ran electric lines 1/4 of a mile, drilled a well, built a home site and dug/poured footings for the house.  In June of 2010 we moved into the house and began living there, we were married a couple of weeks later on July the 3rd, 2010.

From there, we saved some more and got the aerobic septic system installed, put in a 500 gallon propane tank, closed in around the house till I could permanently rock it in with the abundance of rocks we have.

We've tried chickens twice so far.  The first batch of hatchlings were taken out by weather and predators in their small hutch.  The second batch of chickens we hatched were attacked in their large chicken mahal I was building them and decimated before I could get it fully completed.  We will try again next spring once I get their chicken mahal finished.

This spring we purchased a small herd of Scottish Highlander cattle to begin our cattle operation.  We purchased a bull, 8 cows with calves at their side or on their way.  Since this spring, we've had 4 calves born on our place and more due at anytime.

Our short term goal is being able to produce 10 to 15 butcher weight animals a year and selling them in 1/2 portions to those people who want pasture raised beef that is not full of hormones or other drugs and produce a good tasting pasture raised beef product.